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We have a new test underway, all in the name of improving the Customer experience.  If you've traveled through the Oakland International Airport recently, you may have noticed a new feature available to help expedite the baggage checkin process.  This new feature is called the Express Bag Drop, and here's how it works. 

You first need to checkin and obtain a boarding pass, which is easy to do online at  Once you arrive at the airport, you will find an Express Bag Drop kiosk located inside the terminal.  The kiosk contains a barcode scanner, which allows you to scan the barcode located on your printed boarding pass.  From there, the kiosk will retrieve your reservation, and you will be prompted to verify the number of bags you plan to check.  Once this step is completed, one of our Customer Service Agents will verify your identification and attach your baggage tag(s) to your bag(s).  That's it!  You're done!  Pretty simple!

At Southwest Airlines, we're always looking for ways to improve your travel experience.  That's why we're evaluating this new feature, and if it proves successful, we plan to roll it out to other airports in the Southwest Airlines system.  So think of it this way--DING! You are now free to check your baggage faster and move about the country!

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Orlando has this now or soemthing very simlar. It does speed things up quite a bit. The que had about 45-50 people in line and we made it thru in 10 minutes!! The only draw back was having to wait on an attendant to get the luggage tags.
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How is this different from the Sky-Caps, at the curb, that perform the same function? Just another line...only indoors, I guess.
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Why does Southwest not have a 'create an account' feature so that gift cards could be entered and used out of that account? The present system does not allow that and carrying a gift card with a large amount on it is open to theft or loss with no way to recoup. Seems a sensible thing to do (to me, anyway).
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Sounds great to me. Can't wait till it appears in Tampa International Airport. P.S. Your terminal at Tampa is terrific. Homeland Security is quick to go thru there and the terminal itself has plenty to offer once inside the boarding area. Thanks for doing agreat job.
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I was one of the lucky few to be on the testing team in OAK from Ground Ops. I saw that Customers really found this new tool to be quite useful. Our Customer Service Agents also said that for the most part it made their jobs easier and helped Customers move through the process more quickly.
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thats great that they are making things more convenient. it's not too different from what i've seen already. at the kiosk now, instead of scanning a barcode you just put in your 6 digit code on your boarding pass. then you pick how many bags youre taking and the attendant helps you from there. i think thats pretty easy.
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I don't see this as much different then current day where we put in code (except scanning boarding document would be diffference). Still need to wait for kiosk and wait for customer service to attach tag onto baggage. Does this mean customer service attendent doesn't ask the safety/security questions (have you had your bags in your control at all time, anyone ask you to carry......) either?
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I have used the kiosk in Nashville putting the reservation number in and the number of bags you are checking, but the holdup is waiting for the attendant to pull your baggage tag and attach it to your bag after showing identification, but it is much faster than standing in line. Thanks SW for always "loving your customers."
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The reason you have to wait for Customer Service Agent to place the tag on your bag is they also are supposed to verify that your name and tag match the bag being tagged by verifying your I.D. Also, with fuel cost rising like other carriers SWA has reduced the headcount/personnel available to do the work. Still they are much quikcer than the other guys, at least so far.
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As a A-List preferred passenger I have not been a fan of the new self-tag. No agent assisting with the "red line" you must wait behind. And watch out business travelers for the suitcase laden that are taking excessive time! It is taking me TWICE as long and have had to deal with several RUDE ageents in ATL. Seems like I have lost a perk of A-List!