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Easter Bunny Comes to Town

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I was convinced the Easter Bunny had visited our Dallas Headquarters early this year when I walked into the lobby on Tuesday and saw rows and rows of pink, purple, green and yellow Easter baskets.  Of course I inquired (thinking wow, this would be a great story for the blog!). I was pleased to learn of a very special tradition that was started in our Finance Department.   


In 1995, an Employee was volunteering at the Dallas Ronald McDonald House and was saddened when she found out many kids wouldn’t be visited by the Easter Bunny since they were away from home receiving treatment.  She made it her personal mission to spread the word and encourage her Coworkers to donate Easter baskets for the kiddos.  That year Employees collected 100 Easter baskets.  This year, nearly 600 kids will wake up on Sunday with an Easter basket that was donated by the Employees at Southwest Airlines. 


The program has grown exponentially each year; in 1997, we expanded the program to Children’s Medical Center of Dallas.  Here are some pictures from the Easter basket donation day.  Thanks to all the Employees who donated their time or the goodies! 


Time to go enjoy some yellow Peeps and Robin’s Eggs…





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Wow! That is amazing! Thanks to all the wonderful employees for doing this for those kids! Great pics!
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Wow, that looks like a ton of yummy candy. Easter is one of my favorite holidays. It’s another excuse to paint eggs, hide them, and dress up in a huge bunny suit which somehow earns you the adoration of young children. I’m not sure how the bunny came into being a symbol, but somehow it has stuck. I made a list on my website of the top ten reasons I love about Easter: You can vote and also add your own reasons.
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How can Southwest stay in business when they charge $400 for a MSP > FLL flight, August 11 - 13. Northwest goes non-stop is $269; Delta and Continental are $287; Frontier, American, and Airtran are $290. I would rather fly Southwest than the other carriers but when there is a $130 difference, Southwest is not a choice.
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Wow, that is so awesome!!! SWA employees didn't just think of themselves and helped someone else inspite of the tough times. What a GREAT company to work for and with so many wonderful employees.... You really showed your WARRIOR SPIRIT, SERVANTS HEART, AND FUN LUVing ATTITUDE!!!
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Ron! We love you and you are soooo cute with your Easter Basket!!! 🙂