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Eat Your Livery, part deux

Aviator C
Here's a quick TGIF post for everyone interested in our special liveries. Hank Greenburg, one of our Customers, sent in this photo of a radio-controlled model of a vintage DC-3 painted in Lone Star One colors. The kit is from Top Flite, and it is powered by two Saito .40 engines, and it made its maiden flight on April 29. Obviously, Southwest never flew DC-3s, although I filled the barf bags on lots of Continental's "Threes" when I was a kid, due to the bumpy ride (and not my mom's liver and onions).lonestaronedc3.JPG I guess we would have to call this a "retro-fantasy-2006 meets 1946" livery. (Remember how, in the movie Airplane, they kept playing the sound of a prop plane while showing a jet?) Thanks Mr. Greenberg, maybe we can land your DC-3 next to a New York Central steam engine painted in Amtrak colors--talk about mixed metaphors. Okay, maybe not. Anyway, happy weekend from the SWA Blog Team!