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Eating Healthy on the Go: Part Two

Explorer C

Did you know March is Nutrition Month? Eating Healthy on the Go is a series to help highlight healthy choices while you're traveling, brought to you by a variety of our great Southwest Employees! 

Eating healthy at the airport can be a challenge, but with the right combination of foods, you can make any situation work for you. 


The smell of fresh cinnamon rolls is hard to hide from at the break of dawn – but steer clear.  That one little craving can cost you up to 800 calories.  Many of the restaurant chains offer oatmeal, bagels, or English muffins, just watch the portion sizes and pick lean meats. 


When you need something quick before that flight, go for a grilled chicken sandwich on whole-grain bread or grab a whole-grain veggie pizza slice.  If your pizza options are limited, ask for as many veggies as possible on a thin crust.  Salads are a great choice for lunch on the run, but remember to watch the dressings and portions because it is possible to order a 1200 calorie salad if you’re not careful!


Eating dinner at the airport can be a drag when you’re looking for that home cooked meal.  Go for an option like chicken fajitas with black beans and brown rice, but avoid the sour cream.  At some locations, you might even be able to find a healthy rice bowl, a broth based soup, or grilled salmon.  Add steamed vegetables or a side salad and you’ve got a pair!


Snacks are a great bridge between meals to keep you from overeating at the next one.  At the airport, go for fresh fruit, granola bars, and trail mix.

Plan Ahead

Go online to your favorite airport eatery and check out the nutrition information for your top healthy picks or visit!