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Electric Slide Occurring in Gate B7

Frequent Flyer A

We're back from the 11:00 a.m. ceremony. Chris Wahlenmaier, Vice President of Ground Operations, presented the airport with a model SWA Boeing 737-700 plane. Carol Lowe, deputy director of aviation for MSY, and Mary Beth Romig, New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau Director of Communications and Public Relations were also in attendance.

Then the disco ball started glowing, the confetti started flying, and the DJ started spinning. 1970s hits were pumping as music videos played on three screens. Customers and Employees alike hopped on the dance floor to boogie on down. My favorite moment had to be the SMU basketball team stepping out on the dance floor to perform that classic dance: the Electric Slide. Flawless in their execution, and matching perfectly in their red warm-up suits, I had to hold myself back from jumping in the middle and embarrassing myself.

The departing flight at 11:30 was treated to a water arch by the New Orleans Fire Department. A rainbow also made a guest appearance.

Karaoke is starting soon, which should give everyone a chance to fully embarrass themself. Stay tuned!