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Employee Stories: First Day Twitters

New Arrival
Part of Southwest Airlines’ Mission to our Employees is to provide a stable work environment with opportunity for learning and personal growth.  The path to growth takes some Employees to different Departments and/or cities within the Southwest system, at times even different locations in reference to our aircraft—above or below the wing, as those in the airline industry say. Ramp1 New Flight Attendant Puneetkamal Gill—who goes by “Gill”—began his Southwest career below the wing as a Ramp Agent. in 2009, he moved above the wing to Provisioning in 2011, and he has now taken a position as a Southwest Flight Attendant. FA Gill recently made his first official Safety announcements onboard, and, according to Customer Mike Caputo—who tweeted the following—Gill and his Fellow Flight Attendant, Katie O’Connor, made it a very safe and fun flight indeed! “@Mcaputo25 @SouthwestAir, Katie and Gill made our flight from MDW to OKC to Vegas so much fun! Gill did his first safety speech and nailed it! #awesome”   Congrats, Gill!  Hope to see you on a Southwest LUV jet soon!  
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