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Employee Stories: Making a Difference Through Music

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When Jeff Senour received Southwest’s President’s Award this past spring, it already seemed like he had struck a lucky cord. But after a nearly hour-long conversation with Southwest CEO Gary Kelly at the banquet for award recipients, Jeff received more than just recognition for his charitable work—he was gifted with one of Gary’s guitars. And it wasn’t just any old guitar. The Taylor guitar is painted in Southwest colors, and Gary signed it himself! Gary made the decision to give Jeff one of his personal guitars in order to show his appreciation not only for his outstanding service to Southwest for 22 years, but also for his work for our country.10525660_10204331822478620_7801567201902078235_n As a Pilot for Southwest, Senour soars high on a daily basis. But it’s his compassion for giving back to those less fortunate that truly have him breaking beyond the sky’s limit. Jeff founded his band, Consider the Source, in 2002 with the goal of motivating America’s youth through music. “I wanted to do something unique and touch young people’s lives in a positive way through our music,” he said. “I was attending my daughter’s orchestra recital when I thought of integrating high school or college students with CTS. “ CTS Mesquite HS, Mar 2013-690 CTS—whose members also include Dylan Elliott, Jerry Nuzum, and Joe McGinnity—aims for an edgy rock sound juxtaposed among heartfelt lyrics that are designed to inspire passion and motivation within people of all ages to pursue their dreams. The band travels around the country to perform what they call the “Freedom Rock Experience,” where students in high school and college orchestras pair with CTS to create a high-energy multimedia rock show that brings more than 250 students to the stage. The performances are a way to motivate students to follow what they love, while still honoring American heroes such as members of the military, police officers, firefighters, and teachers. Their admirable mission came with much appreciation from fans and organizations across the country. CTS has received numerous awards for their dedication to service and their music has been featured in fundraisers on iTunes and national radio charts—their song, “Can’t Get Off this Train” hit number 42 in 2008. Since receiving his guitar from Gary, Senour has gone on to bring his Servant Heart directly to Southwest flights through his music. 11265025_10206720467073242_8404211337435558692_n “I enjoy the Culture of Southwest” he said. “On each flight I do my best not only to be safe, but to leave our Customers with some fun and inspiration.” Senour has already been spotted on several occasions performing with his custom guitar to passengers before their flights. Jeff, you’ve certainly found the melody to our Hearts!