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Employees Agree: Southwest tops best places to work survey

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We love awards here at Southwest, and lucky for us, we seem to get a lot of them! This latest one was especially meaningful as it was based upon our own Employees' opinions., a jobs web site, collected reviews from employees from various American companies throughout 2009. Well, the results are in, and Southwest landed on top!

11,000 companies were considered, and Employees were asked about such issues as work/life balance, career opportunities, compensation, benefits, and employee morale.  Congrats to all 35,000 Employees across our system for making Southwest THE best place to work! To see a list of the top 50 companies, visit

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I heard about your story on Fox 4 and the reason you can say you don't lay off or fulough, is because you hire alot of contractors, then lay them off so you can make yourself look good by saying you didn't have to lay people off. A little deceptive, don't you think?
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the one above me ^ Contractors? NO ! SWA Does Not Lay off !!