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Enhanced Boarding

Explorer C
Over the past year and a half, I've been fortunate enough to be involved in a project that is focused on improving our Customers' experience with our boarding process.  This is another great example of how Southwest Airlines truly listens and cares about our Customers.  Enough to make changes for you.  So what am I blabbering on about, it's the hottest craze to hit our gate area in the San Antonio airport.  We are testing a new boarding method that tries to improve our Customers' experience in our gate area.  I think it's great, and, no, I'm not biased.  Here's how it works: you check in and get your boarding pass, just like you would today, but now, in addition to the letter A, B, or C,  it also has a numeric position on it.  That numeric position is your spot in line!  We're, essentially, holding a place for you in line so you don't have to camp out in line before it's time to board the aircraft (Old Way: A...New Way:  A6).  You're now free to move about the airport...grab a coffee, a bite to eat, maybe even use the restroom with out having to leave those bags unattended. You don't have to be watching for thar first person to race to the front of the line and then hurry behind them, only to wait 30 minutes utill the plane even lands.  With all the flying I do, I lUV it, and I hope you will too.  Now remember, we're just testing it in the San Antonio airport.  We want to make sure you, the Customers, like it and that it doesn't hurt our "turn times."  So if your travel plans take you to the river walk, come say "hi."  We'll be testing there for a few more weeks.