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Every Package Has a Mission at Southwest Airlines


The following blog post was written by Sr Mgr Cargo Customer Experience Brewa Kennedy 


It is certainly true that, as our current advertising efforts express, Every Seat Has a Story™. But did you know that our Southwest Warriors also make a difference every day with our Relentlessly Reliable Service with Southwest Cargo? 


Dendreon Pharmaceuticals LLC, recently visited our Los Angeles (LAX) Cargo Facility to better understand how Southwest Cargo handles the transport of PROVENGE, the first and only FDA-approved immunotherapy for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer. PROVENGE is made from a patient’s own immune cells and is designed to stimulate one’s immune system against cancer. From beginning to end, Dendreon has just three days to collect, manufacture, and reinfuse PROVENGE back into the patient.


With the help of Southwest Cargo, these cells are transported under very strict temperature and time constraints to one of Dendreon’s manufacturing plants where they will be formulated into PROVENGE. Dendreon Pharmeceuticals' LAX hub handles a large volume of this life-extending treatment for Dendreon due to its proximity to the manufacturing facility in Seal Beach, CA and ships to airline hubs across the country, reaching patients nationwide. The loss or misplacement of a PROVENGE package is devastating to the patient and his family since it delays treatment. 


“We would like to thank the dedicated Employees of Southwest Airlines for their support and recognition of our sensitive packages, and acknowledging the importance of adhering to the planned route for this life-extending treatment,” said Jim Caggiano, President and CEO, Dendreon. “The support of our airline partners is essential to ensuring we deliver PROVENGE to the men who need it.”