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Express Bag Drop Lands in More Airports

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If you arrive at the airport with a boarding pass in hand and just need to check a bag, don’t forget to check to see if you are traveling through an airport with Express Bag Drop. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been excited to add St. Louis, San Jose, and Tampa to the growing list of Stations with this exciting product that lets you move past the ticket counter faster. 
Customers in 14 Stations are LUVing the simplicity and speed of Express Bag Drop.  All they have to do is scan a boarding pass, use a streamlined version of our kiosks, and show a photo ID to the Customer Service Agent who will tag the bag.  Express Bag Drop is just another of our innovations that helps you get through the airport faster so you can spend your time the way you want.
For more information on Express Bag Drop and a list of Stations with this lane, check out our landing page at

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Micah: The Sacramento County Airport System is embarking on its ambitious BigBuild Project that will create a Central Terminal and a brand new Terminal B scheduled to open in the Fourth Calendar Quarter 2011. In reading about Express Bag Drop, I think that this would be a project to pursue at Sacramento International Airport. At the same time, let me caution in that I think that Express Bag Drop would be a great idea at Sacramento once the new termainal is up and going so that Southwest from Day One at the New Terminal B would be ready then rather than having it now in Terminal A, and then knowing that in just a few short months, before the Calendar Year is out that Express Bag Drop will have to move. This would not be a good use of passengers' dollars. Please consider Express Bag Drop in Sacramento once the New Terminal B is open and ready for Southwest use. Thank You for your consideration. Sincerely, Mike Barnbaum, Rapid Rewards Member in Sacramento, California
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Traveling last week was great! I loved just putting in my Rapid Rewards number and tossing my luggage on the scale! The agents checked my ID and I was off to the gate! Thank you, Southwest! LUV it!
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Yeah! I love that I will be able to check my bag in Tampa quicker. Thanks SWA. I have to express my happiness for the curb side check - in at the Tampa Airport. They are so helpful, cheery and get you checked in quickly. Thanks to the Tampa Team.