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Eye on the Prize: Skipping My Flight Almost made me Miss the Surprise Proposal of My Dreams

Explorer C

I almost skipped my flight. With Southwest’s no change fees and the ease of changing flights, I considered staying at work a little later to help care for a patient. Luckily, my friends urged me to leave and offered to take care of the patient instead for me.


My arrival to the airport was just in the nick of time. I received a frantic call from my boyfriend ensuring I had boarded my flight—I didn't think anything of it.


I boarded the plane just as if it was like any other normal flight … little did I know that was all about to change for me. Two hours into the flight and halfway through the movie I was watching, I faintly heard an announcement paging “A-List Customer Tracy Nguyen” over my headphones. I removed my headphones to discover everyone in the plane clapping as I raised my hand to identify myself. 


It all seemed weird to me, but the only thought that came to mind was what did I possibly do to receive the call out?


I spent the next 15 minutes of the flight looking around and being very confused.


As I started to de-plane, I asked the Flight Attendant if I had done something wrong.


The Flight Attendant replied, "Oh no, you just won a prize. Make sure you stop by the ticket counter to claim it."


I thought to myself what an awesome surprise and hoped it was free drink tickets for a future flight. Once I got off the plane, I found two people waiting for me. They were to escort me to "my prize."


I followed two random people through Dallas Love Field Airport, thinking the entire time that I may get scolded later by my boyfriend for following strangers. As we made our way through the crowds, a call came through one of the men’s  walkie-talkies. "Hey, I need you to stop by the art gallery to grab something."


So, on our way to pick up my prize we made a quick detour to the art gallery. Once there, another man greeted me … except he handed me a bouquet of my favorite flowers, hydrangeas, and said, "I heard these are your favorite flowers."


The Southwest Crew!The Southwest Crew!

At this point, I started shaking. Only one person knows my favorite flowers. The men led me over to the art gallery to look at portraits only for me to see pictures of me and my favorite human on the wall instead. 


Our art gallery photosOur art gallery photos

The tears started coming. I started searching for him. Then out of a corner appeared my knight in shining armor (a suit actually). And from that point on, the man I met on a Southwest flight five years ago, became my fiancé.


"Will you fly with me forever?""Will you fly with me forever?"

Thank you Johnross and Southwest for making my dreams come true and giving me the flight of my life. It was a day and experience I will never forget and I look forward to our future together.