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Okay.  I'm a Foodie.  I hereby finally admit it--food plays an inordinately large role in my life. Of course, my family and friends have a huge place in the "world of Bill," as does Southwest Airlines.  But in my heart--Bill is a Foodie. There!  That feels better.  I've said it.  I've come out of the pantry.  I would rather cook than take a vacation; would rather watch the Food Network than Lost, Desperate Housewives, or Grey's Anatomy; and if asked to pick any four people, past or present, to be hypothetical dinner guests, Paula Deen ("the Butter Queen" and my culinary sister) and Rachel Ray (perky doesn't even start to describe her!) would definitely be at the table, in addition to my deceased dad, and a player to be named later.  But although I've admitted it, don't think I have any intentions of changing.  My family, friends, and Coworkers don't want me to!  You see, when my son, the "Incredible Eating Machine," moved out onto his own, I never stopped cooking in batallion-sized batches--and I've been feeding family and friends the output ever since.  Whether it's Banana Caramel Pie, Baked Potato Casserole, or my own special Scalloped Shrimp and Scallops (redundantly wonderful!), I go ahead and cook for an army, eat a portion or two, and then give the rest away.  That way, I derive the enjoyment of the cooking, the eating, and the giving.  Thankfully, my friends and family are receptive to leftovers--although many have had to buy clothes in larger sizes.  True, this might not seem like rational behavior...but who said we Foodies are rational? Believe it or not, being a Southwest Employee has allowed me to stretch my culinary wings more than almost anything short of enrolling at the CIA (Culinary Institute of America--not the spy agency).  I've flipped more burgers than a lifetime short-order cook for fellow Southwest Employees, but the kitchen events I love most are helping to cook dinners at Ronald McDonald Houses, which are Southwest's official Corporate Charity.  We always try to create a "family reunion" atmosphere at those dinners to comfort and support folks who need a little LUVing--and in my family, that means LARGE quantities and LOTS of side dishes.  And trust me....we deliver! These days, my Department grills steaks and chicken breasts as the entrée at our annual dinners for the Dallas Ronald McDonald House residents, but I'll never forget one time many years ago when I very nearly burned down that very house.  Wanting to make a really big impact on everyone, I tried to cook dozens of elegant but exceptionally fatty Cornish Game Hens on cookie sheets with very low sides, which allowed the melting poultry fat to gush directly down onto the oven burners.  That night, I single handedly redefined the meaning of the term "second-hand smoke."  There was no damage, and we aired the place out quickly, but the very least, I succeeded--boy, did I make an impact! As we move into the Holiday Season, please cook for yourself, your family, and for your friends and your Coworkers.  Show them how much you appreciate them by showing some LUV to their stomachs!  Even better, fly Southwest somewhere so you can cook with someone you care about...or fly them to your kitchen to cook with you.  Have a happy, healthy, prosperous, and delicious Holiday Season!