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Faces of Love: With Mentorship & Hard Work, Southwest Helps Students on a Journey to the Pilot Seat


The following blog post was co-written by Rachel Barry and Patric Alva.


Jeremiah Skeete has dreamed of becoming a Pilot since he was a little boy. Southwest Airlines welcomed Jeremiah and other students with dreams of aviation careers to be a part of our Continuing the Legacy in Aviation program.


From time in the flight simulator to tours of our facilities, this impactful program gave him the bird’s eye view of what it really means to be a Pilot at Southwest. It also gave Jeremiah the incredible opportunity to meet the Tuskegee Airmen who shared their experiences of overcoming adversity while inspiring these bright, young students to follow their dreams. “This program really allowed me to confirm that this is what I want to do and become a Pilot for Southwest,” said Jeremiah.



The students also met Southwest Pilots who shared their experiences, inspired the students, and offered to lend a helping hand as they continue their journeys in life. Phoenix First Officer Galen Grass met Jeremiah when he came through the Continuing the Legacy in Aviation program and recently wrote him a letter of recommendation that accompanied his application to his first choice school, Delaware State University. Jeremiah has now been accepted, and will begin classes this fall. “Jeremiah is a sharp kid. He reminded me of myself,” said Grass.


Continuing the Legacy in aviation is one of the many ways Southwest works to increase diversity in aviation and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). By reaching students at a young age, our goal is to help them identify the education and training they need to achieve their career goals, and provide the resources they need along the way.




While Southwest actively promotes diversity initiatives year-round, the Company is proud to highlight these particular stories in celebration of Black History Month. Southwest hopes that stories like these will increase diversity in aviation and encourage more youth to reach for the skies and one day join the Southwest Airlines Family.


Additionally, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the Black History Month Facebook frame available now. To add the frame to your profile picture, visit and search for “Southwest Airlines.” You should see two frame options that can be added to your profile picture.