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Fake Birthday Celebration!

New Arrival

While I was flying home from a work trip with a handful of my coworkers and friends, I was greeted by an amazing Crew that turned the flight into a birthday celebration for me! 


Two of my friends boarded the plane before me and started a conversation with one of the Flight Attendants. Somewhere in the chit chat they mentioned how much I dislike my birthday, which falls directly in between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.




From that moment on, that Sunday, November 20 flight from Columbus to Chicago turned into Stacy’s 32nd birthday extravaganza. The Pilot wished me a happy birthday, the Crew got all of the Passengers to sing “Happy Birthday” to me, and they even presented me with a signature peanut crown made for a birthday queen!


We literally did not stop laughing/smiling the entire flight. They made this day the best (non) birthday a girl could ask for. Cheers to an AMAZING Southwest Crew—thank you!