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Fall From Above

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Saturday was the first day of fall, and I had the privilage of seeing nature starting to show the changing of the season from a unique vantage point.  I made a flight from Baltimore-Washington Airport (BWI) to Manchester, NH (MHT).  Our routing took us north to New York City; Central Park is always a fun place in the fall.  We continued up the Hudson River with nice views of the cliffs along the water's edge.  As we descended into Manchester, our arrival took us over Albany, NY (ALB), southern Vermont and south central New Hampshire.  I could see the fall colors of the birches and maples slowly starting to appear, just a branch here and there, but the colors are on their way.  While we were on the ground, I stepped out onto the ramp and the cool crisp New England air was wonderfully refreshing. We departed Manchester enroute to Las Vegas (LAS).  Just after we left New Hampshire a layer of clouds blocked our view until we were directly over Des Moines, Iowa, and then it was clear and beautiful for the rest of the flight.  We flew out across the plains of Nebraska and then into Colorado.  The Rockies had a fresh coating of snow that in the bright light was spectacular.  I could see whisps of smoke from camp fires dotted here and there in the mountains.  We were treated to birdseye views of Aspen, Telluride and Durango ski resorts with their miles and miles of winding trails.  The fall colors were also evident in Colorado as the stands of aspens, and their vibrant gold hues were making their presence known. As we started our descent into Las Vegas, we crossed between Bryce Canyon National Park and the Grand Canyon.  The shadows on the canyon walls and the beautiful red and rust colors were picture postcard perfect.  I have to admit this was an awesome and humbling way to spend the first day of Autumn.