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Falling in LUV With Our Flexible Fares

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Plans change all the time, and we’re proud to offer the most flexibility in the industry for our Passengers and their travel plans.  Our Passengers LUV our no change or cancellation fees policy.  You can make changes to your ticket as much as you like without paying a traditional penalty. If you purchase a ticket today and next week see a sale at, you can change your ticket to a lower price fare.  Use the “Change Flight” link on the right-hand side of  After entering your confirmation number and name, you can shop for the new flight or the same flight with a lower price.  Select it, and verify you want to make the change.  Voila!  You should receive a new confirmation email with the same confirmation number and an updated itinerary. Our Business Select and Anytime Fares are the most flexible.  Passengers with these tickets can always get a full refund if they decide not to fly or a partial refund if they change to a cheaper flight.  They also have the option to fly standby on the day of travel. Wanna Get Away Fares can be changed, as well—if you’re exchanging to a more expensive ticket, you will have to pay the difference.  If you change to a cheaper Wanna Get Away ticket, the leftover money on the ticket will remain in your name as a travel fund you can apply to a future ticket (just be sure to note the expiration date!).  You can access these funds by using your confirmation number in the “Apply Travel Funds” box when purchasing your next reservation. Even if you can’t make your vacation or business trip last-minute, just cancel your trip online, on the SWA app, or by calling 1-800-IFLYSWA.  There is no cancellation fee.  If you booked a Business Select or Anytime Fare, you can get a complete refund. If you purchased a Wanna Get Away Fare, be sure to cancel at least ten minutes before takeoff.  You should receive a cancellation email right away.  The funds will be held for future travel to be flown before the expiration date.  The original Passenger must use his or her own funds for future travel.  They are nontransferable. We hope our no change fee and ten-minute cancellation policy give you the flexibility you need for your next trip! Photo by Southwest Employee Ray Osburn