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Family Travel Success Stories: Connecting People to What’s Important in Their Lives

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Our Purpose at Southwest Airlines is to connect People to what's important in their lives through friendly, reliable, and low-cost air travel. We’re thrilled to share some of the recent family travel success stories that our Customers shared with us!



Southwest has made our First Year of Marriage Much Easier.

Submitted by sawalker85

My wife Angie and I were married in June 2017. In August 2017, Angie moved from Kansas City to Los Angeles to complete a one-year fellowship in orthopedic surgery. I remained with my job in Kansas City, and was able to adjust my schedule so that each week or so I could fly out to Los Angeles to be with her.  


We both enjoy Southwest and knew it was the airline we wanted to have status with. After several trips, we achieved a Companion Pass for Angie and whenever I would come out to Los Angeles it allowed us to take weekend trips and spend more time with each other. The friendliness of Southwest, the freedom to adjust flights without a huge change fee, and the fact that I have not once in this year been delayed or canceled makes a huge difference. The Reliability and friendly faces make flying enjoyable instead of a chore. We could not be happier with her choice, and we will continue to fly Southwest as our first choice—because they are the best.  


Whenever I figured out that Angie was “the one,” I was at a conference in Puerto Rico. My original plan was to fly Southwest back to Kansas City, but at the very last second I changed my flight to Las Vegas where my future wife was doing a rotation in her residency—she had no idea I was coming. That flight started a long path that ended up with us being married and made me the happiest guy on the face of the earth. Thank you Southwest for always being there!


Going to see Grandma

Submitted by nicholejule

nicholejulie.jpgMy grandmother was an amazing woman. She invested so much time in my childhood and making me who I am today. On my birthday, I received a call that she was not doing well. I had plans to go see her four days later, but needed to move it up quickly.


I called Southwest’s Customer Service and explained my situation and need to move my flight as soon as possible. The Customer Service Agent I spoke with was so kind and understanding. Without hesitation, she got me and my family on a flight that night without a change fee. I was overwhelmed by her kindness and a Company who would support that kind of customer service. We were able to get there in time to let her know she was loved so much before she passed away. Thank you, Southwest! 



Reuniting with my Cousin after Five years

Submitted by Jwright97

On December 5, I boarded a Southwest Airlines flight from Dallas to Austin. I was able to visit and see my cousin whom I Iove dearly after five years of being separated. I had tears of joy rolling down my face when I first saw him and his first words to me when I saw him were, "You need to stop growing." In that moment, I felt my heart grow even bigger after I first hugged him. Not only is my cousin a cousin to me, I feel as if he were like a second father to me. I love my cousin a lot and thanks to Southwest, I will never ever forget that moment and trip.




Thank you for the YES!

Submitted by garciml1

Recently, my family and I received some tough news regarding my grandmother. After years of fighting, she and the doctors decided to stop all medical treatments for her cancer. She said she wanted to live out her remaining days happy with family and friends, so she asked us to fly to El Paso.


garciml1.jpgShe picked El Paso because we have family there and it's the mid-point between Arizona, where she lives, and Dallas, where we live. However, she began to feel worse and could not fly to meet us. My family and I had already purchased our tickets to El Paso and when we found out she couldn't go we quickly decided to go to Arizona to be with her anyways. When I looked up the flights to make the change I was disappointed to see the prices were way more than our original tickets, so I called customer service to see if they could help. I figured it doesn't hurt to ask— all they can say is no.


However, I didn't get a no; instead I got a "Yes, I can help you!" I spoke with a Customer Service Rep named Amber, stationed out of ABQ. Amber was extremely polite and helpful from the beginning. . She was able to adjust our flights and we were able to go see my grandmother in Arizona. I cannot thank her enough.


By the way, this was my son's first time meeting his great-grandmother and his first time on an airplane. The Crew was awesome, and he did great on both of the flights there and back.


Like Southwest's napkin says, "In a world full of no, we're a plane full of yes!" Thank you for the "YES" Amber!


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