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Filling the Holidays with Heart: Ready for Travel


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It’s a privilege to be thankful for so much this season, including the opportunity to play a significant role in the holiday plans of millions of travelers. Our entire Southwest Family is hard at work to bring new memories, anticipated vacations, and reunited families together for this holiday season. In the air, on the ground, beneath the wing, or behind computer screens, please know more than 54,000 People are dedicated to bringing Heart to holiday travel.


The Southwest Leadership Team is focused on supporting our Employees who are serving our Customers and each other during the holidays. We’ve increased staffing, welcoming thousands of new Employees into the Southwest Family during the past several months, and we’re on track to reach a target of bringing on more than 5,000 additional people by the end of this year. We also adjusted our flight schedule for November and December to set up our Hospitality experts for success in focusing on what they do best, serving you.


With airports busy and many flights full, Customers should check for our latest guidance on recommended arrival times for specific airports, whether traveling domestically or internationally. That brings me to the easiest thing travelers can do to contribute to a seamless journey—please arrive early and ready to travel. This will allow plenty of time to move across parking lots and into airport shuttles, through checking bags and security checkpoints, and toward a snack or drink before a flight, so they can be at their gate well before scheduled boarding, which typically is 30-40 minutes before departure time.


Take some additional steps to ease travel this season:

  • Wanna save time at the airport? Download the Southwest app to get mobile boarding passes, help find the departure gate, get timely updates on flights, and enjoy free inflight movies and live TV while onboard.

  • Flexibility is in the palm of your hand. If for any reason travel plans change, don’t forget that and our app also are great places to get help. You don’t have to wait in line or on a phone. Just remember: you must cancel any reservation before the scheduled departure time either to bank nonrefundable travel funds for future use or to request a refund of refundable fares. (We’ve made it this simple for five decades—Southwest never has charged a single change fee.)

  • Be fit to fly and mask up. Don’t forget that we’re all required to wear masks in airports and onboard aircraft. It’s a federal requirement in place through January 18. Thanks for understanding our People are working to make sure we’re all compliant. Customers agree to this when they purchase a ticket with us and check-in for a boarding pass.


We’re ready to welcome Customers. We all have a role in delivering for Customers this holiday season, and for extending grace and civility when things go off plan. All of us have one focus—you, and we’re all working to fill the holidays with Heart.