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First Anniversary...Paper or Paperless

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August 15 marks a significant milestone for the Southwest Airlines Charitable Giving team! 


The team is celebrating their one-year anniversary of going PAPERLESS via an online application system found at   Last year alone, this small but mighty team received 19,592 charitable donation requests – all with a paper letter, envelope, and attachments…that’s a lot of paper!  Our Team was thrilled to launch an online system and start saving some trees.  One year later, we’re happy to share that the application system has not only saved many trees, but also increased the team’s efficiency so that we can provide even better Customer Service.  All while still allowing us to donate thousands of tickets to many worthy causes.  The system has also enabled us to offer even more Positively Outrageous Service to our Customers via electronic updates alerting them that the request was received, as well as updates as the request goes through the decision making process.  Lastly, the online tool allows our Customers the freedom to check the status of their application 24/7!   


As we celebrate our one-year anniversary of going PAPERLESS, we’re planting a tree to honor the efforts of our environmentally-minded Customers and Team.  Anyone else find it ironic that the traditional 1st anniversary gift is paper?