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First Look: Emily's Dream Comes True


Since Emily was five years old, her life dream involved bright lights, a tutu, and slipping into pink satin pointe shoes.  Now 12 years old, this little girl never imagined that a Southwest Airlines Pilot would play a big part in helping her realize her dream to be a professional ballet dancer.  

Her eyes are set on New York—about a two-hour plane ride from her small-town home in Trenton, MO, but to Emily, New York feels about a million miles away. 

Meet Emily, and stop by the NUTS About Southwest blog next Tuesday, September 4, where you’ll get a glimpse of Southwest’s short film and how a Southwest Pilot in our Adopt-A-Pilot program took her dream on the dance floor to 30,000 feet.  Today is National Dream Day.  What are you dreaming about?  Tell us your dream story by commenting below.

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Dear Adopt A Pilot, Can't wait to hear Emily's story. Very touching. My dream has been to visit Branson, Mo for all of the entertainment and homey atmosphere. Few airlines fly to Branson and I'm thrilled to hear that Southwest will be flying there. Since my hubby is disabled and uses a scooter to get around we are limited in our travels but long to travel more. Driving from Las Vegas to Branson would be out of the question for us due to our advanced age but we both dream of going there. Living in the Entertainment capital of the world is wonderful especially since entertainment venues offer complimentary tickets to locals for many events, and are made accessible for people with physical disabilities. We are originally from Chicago and we chose the proper place for our retirement years. Southwest has become our airline of choice to visit Chicago twice yearly through the Rapid Rewards Dining program, and Rapid Rewards airline mileage program which has helped us greatly because of being on a fixed income. Thank you Southwest for making dreams come true. A Fond Southwest Traveler, Bunnie Guanci