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First Look: Emily's Dream Comes True


Since Emily was five years old, her life dream involved bright lights, a tutu, and slipping into pink satin pointe shoes.  Now 12 years old, this little girl never imagined that a Southwest Airlines Pilot would play a big part in helping her realize her dream to be a professional ballet dancer.  

Her eyes are set on New York—about a two-hour plane ride from her small-town home in Trenton, MO, but to Emily, New York feels about a million miles away. 

Meet Emily, and stop by the NUTS About Southwest blog next Tuesday, September 4, where you’ll get a glimpse of Southwest’s short film and how a Southwest Pilot in our Adopt-A-Pilot program took her dream on the dance floor to 30,000 feet.  Today is National Dream Day.  What are you dreaming about?  Tell us your dream story by commenting below.

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