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Flashback Friday: A LUVLines Look Around the System



For over 40 years, LUVLines, our internal Employee magazine, has featured news from around the system while also showcasing the FUN we have both on and off the clock.  Our Flashback this week takes a look back at some of these features from the late summer of 1994. Taking the Plunge at ABQ 2 With temperatures well in excess of 100, Albuquerque Employees look for creative ways to stay cool.  In this photo, a CFM-56 engine intake cover doubles as a pool.  (Pretty sure we wouldn’t get away with this today!) OKC Native American Festival 3 As the official airline of the Red Earth Native American Festival, Oklahoma City Station Employees participated in both a parade for the event, as well as a 5K run through downtown. Battle Ready in DAL 4 In May 1994, Herb sent a memo to all Employees titled “The Opening Salvo,” in which he stated “the war has begun.  It will continue on many battlefields” which addressed the many challenges in the industry which we always won, thanks to the Warriors of Southwest.  Pilot Class 94-10 reported for duty, ready to answer Herb’s call. A Purple Friend in STL 5 And who could forget everyone’s favorite early ‘90s children’s television fixture, Barney the Dinosaur.  St. Louis Employees gathered at Howard Park Early Intervention Center picnic to help brighten the lives of some special kids.  In addition to bringing cheer to the community, the event also was an opportunity for the STL Station Employees to come together in support of one of their very own Family Members who was battling a very rare illness.