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Flashback Fridays: A Day in the Life of a Plane - Part II

Earlier this year on St Patrick’s Day, my colleague Dan Landson and I had the opportunity to spend a day in the life of N446WN, one of our 737-700s, as it traveled from one end of the country to the other throughout the Southwest system.
An early morning in OAK just before HeartTwo’s first revenue flight.
The highlight of the day for both of us was having a chance to meet all of the hard working Southwest Warriors along the way who keep the operation running smoothly.  This week, I was able to spend another day in the life of a plane, but this time, a day in the life of a brand new one - HeartTwo - on its first day of revenue service. HeartTwo’s life of serving Customers began in Oakland as Flight 2426 to Burbank, and continued on to Las Vegas, Detroit, and Denver, before returning back to Oakland to overnight.
First stop of the day, Burbank.
Over the course of the day, she traveled over 4,500 miles and carried 686 Customers throughout the system.
HeartTwo’s inaugural Oakland-based Flight Crew.
And just like the first trip, the hard working Employees both around the aircraft and behind the scenes ensured everything went off without a hitch.
Team Detroit.
And while our bold new look may take some time to transition throughout the system; it remains fueled by the same thing that has made us successful for more than 43 years - the Heart of our People.
HeartTwo in DEN
A warm Mile High City welcome in Denver.