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Flashback Fridays: EarlyBird for the Birds

A new product in the late 2000’s was our EarlyBird Check-in, allowing Customers to secure their boarding position prior to the regular process starting.  Following one of the largest environmental disasters of our time, our EarlyBird helped support cleanup efforts of the habitats of the actual birds and their recovery. 1 In Spring 2010, the Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico left hundreds of miles of coastline coated in oil.  As we prepared to start service to a new destination in the region (Panama City Beach, FL), a program titled Help Us Help Them was launched with the goal of supporting the costly cleanup.  Under the initiative, $1 from every EarlyBird purchase was pledged to the cleanup efforts through the National Wildlife Refuge Association.  Wildlife, such as the brown pelican and other nesting birds in the region, benefited from the $100,000.00 donation during the cleanup to help restore the habitats of countless animals along the coastal areas. www2 Employees in Florida also helped give back that year during National Volunteer Week by helping the National Wildlife Refuge Association clean up some of the most ecologically diverse areas in the region.  Along with the debut of Florida One that year, it was a great way to help show our commitment to both our environment and the communities we serve. www3