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Flashback Fridays: Florida One

This week marks the fifth anniversary of Florida One joining the fleet as our eighth flagship aircraft on April 23rd, 2010.  The 737-700 serves as our high-flying tribute to the Sunshine State and the 4,300+ Employees that call Florida home. 1Similar to the other flagship aircraft in the now fleet of 10, Florida One is a 110’ long depiction of the state’s flag.  46 gallons of 16 different colors of paint were used to illustrate the State Seal over the modern Cross of Burgundy. 2 Florida One was built by Boeing in Renton and then painted, before being briefly “hidden” near Lake Charles, Louisiana in a brown paper wrapping.  It was then flown to Tampa where a celebration was held for its reveal.  It then began a tour of the other Florida stations for Employees and Customers to get their first glimpse. 3 Within the next few years, Florida One will receive its scheduled paint refresh and a new Heart specialty tail.  Up next will be the new Triple Crown One later this spring, which will be our third specialty bird in the bold new look. 4