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Flashback Fridays: Games of LUV


From time to time, factors often beyond any of our control may cause our Customers to spend a little more time at the airport or on one of our planes than expected.  Over the years, our Employees have created various songs, games, and trivia contests to keep our Customers engaged and help spread the Southwest Culture. After many years of these activities being passed around verbally between Customer Service Agents and Flight Attendants, our Culture Committee helped share the ideas throughout the Company by publishing official guides to Inflight and Gate Games. A few games from over the years include: FF2ARTIST ON BOARD Invite Customers to draw a picture of a Pilot or Flight Attendant on the back of a napkin, and hang entries in the galley area for everyone to see when boarding or deplaning. WHO’S THE STAR Ask Customers to locate the “Star of the Month” in Spirit Magazine.  The first person who can tell the name our star, where he or she works, and one interesting fact about them wins a prize. SCAVENGER HUNT Name a miscellaneous item Customers most likely have with them in their carryon luggage, such as a pen, toothbrush, or candy.  The first to locate that item wins. FF3 We also have infantine numbers of Southwest TRIVIA QUESTIONS: Q. When did Southwest Airlines launch the ability to book reservations online in Spanish? A. 2004 Q. How many series of the 737 has Southwest operated? A. 5 (and soon to be 7!) Q. What was the original name of Southwest’s website? A. “Home Gate” There have even been a few SONGS:


You never know what kind of simple game may surprise and delight your next Customer.


What’s your favorite Inflight or Gate Game?  Please feel free to share via the Comments section below.