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“Flat Pat” Visits for St. Patty’s FUN

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Leprechauns are known for their mischievous pranks, but one with a Fun-LUVing Attitude joined the ranks at Southwest and AirTran during St. Patrick’s Day weekend! From working hard to playing hard, our “Flat Pat” had a memorable time exploring the ins and outs of the airline business. Check out these photos from some of his favorite adventures!

Flat Pat Provo

Chicago Midway Provisioning Agents Latoya Williams and Mary Lebarre hang out with Flat Pat in the liquor store room.

RSW Servant's Heart

Flat Pat in Ft. Myers shows his Servant’s Heart and ensures our Customers checking in all have their names and telephone numbers on their checked luggage. 

Onboard Help

Flat Pat welcomes Customers onboard with a little help from Oakland-based Flight Attendant Judy Heddlesten.

Willie Nelson

Flat Pat went to Austin, walked around, made new friends, felt the LUV and the music, and was a changed man...a red-headed stranger if you will. As Willie Nelson (with his guitar), Flat Pat prepares to board the plane! 

Flat Pat

Flat Pat makes a splash with Dallas-based Flight Attendant Rebecca Hickey during Overwater Training.

Upgraded Boarding

Flat Pat kisses his middle seat goodbye at Greenville-Spartanburg, thanks to upgraded boarding! For only $40, he was able to upgrade to an A1-15 boarding pass.

Thanks to Corey Pettit for wrangling photos with me!