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Flight Attendant with a Big Southwest Heart Recognizes Vets

Explorer B



Recently while my husband Joe and I waited to board our Southwest flight in Reno to head home to Denver, a Flight Attendant inquired about Joe's camera bag which is covered with stickers from all the places he's visited. Tucked in one corner was a small one he bought in Washington D.C. that reads "Viet Nam Vet." She asked quietly if he served and when he said yes, she smiled broadly and said, "Thanks for your service. I have a present for you!"


She reached into her carry-on and pulled out a small pillow. As she handed it to him, she proudly shared that she makes the pillows in her spare time and gives one to every veteran she meets on her flights. Made of patriotic-themed cloth, the pillow contained a patch on the back which read "Home of the Free Because of the Brave!"



Joe then turned to me and mentioned it was too bad his Dad wasn't with us. When the Flight Attendant heard my father-in-law served in WWII (as an Army Sargent stationed in the Philippines) she insisted that we take a pillow to him, too! Apparently she carries a WWII version with her when she flies the Freedom Honor Flights--taking vets from her home airport in Phoenix to the WWII Monument in D.C. She was sad she didn't have any with her. Nonetheless, my Dad was thrilled with his!


Time and time again, Southwest Airlines proves again it os a company with heart! Thanks, Laurie Liss, PHX flight attendant .. You made two ol' vets very happy!







Laurie was featured last November in Southwest's Employee Magazine, LUVLines, as a "Hospitality Hero." Check out the attached PDF to learn more about her efforts!