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Flying Down Memory Lane

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I’m sure you’ve heard the term, “It’s like riding a bicycle,” to describe actions that, after learning once, become almost second nature to a person. For the People of Southwest, “It’s like providing excellent Customer Service,” which Customer Relations & Rapid Rewards Specialist Kim Seale and Flight Crew Training Instructor Keith Fennel demonstrated through their actions toward our Customer, Skip Marsh.


Ever since Skip Marsh was a child, he’s always been fascinated by flying. He followed his dream of becoming a pilot and learned to fly airplanes in the late 1960s. He gained more flying hours during his service in the military and later through a professional connection he made while working as an engineer. It was also through his career as an engineer that Skip had a fall and sustained a concussion that robbed him of his flight memory for over 30 years.


Skip has been a loyal Southwest Customer for about this same amount of time, and he’s received a lot of excellent Customer Service from our Employees, but none quite as meaningful as the service he received from Kim and Keith. After receiving assistance from Kim in regards to Customer Relations & Rapid Rewards issues, Skip developed a fast friendship with the Specialist from CR/RR. After learning Skip’s story, Kim invited him to be his guest for a tour of Southwest Headquarters in Dallas.


One of the stops on that tour was to the Flight Simulation building and to a simulator run by Keith. Keith offered to let Skip get behind the controls of the 737 simulator, and with three simple words all of Skip’s flight memory came flooding back to him. Those words were, “Captain, Your Aircraft.” In a letter to Keith, Skip states that the experience was truly life-changing for him and that, thanks to Keith, Skip is the happiest Southwest Customer ever! 


Thanks, Keith and Kim, for making such a meaning difference in the life of a Customer.