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Flying Southwest on my Birthday

Adventurer C


I’m a huge aviation geek, and Southwest is my favorite airline. I was even lucky enough to fly on the first Southwest flight to depart Cincinnati—I LUV SWA that much! So when my parents asked me what I wanted for my birthday in October, I could have said anything. But what did I choose? That’s right—flying Southwest! We booked flights across the country to several different airports. On my birthday morning, we started in Cincinnati. I boarded the flight and told the Flight Attendants how I love Southwest and aviation and why this is how I wanted to spend my birthday. After this, one of the Flight Attendants took me to the cockpit to meet the Pilots! I put on their headset and took a photo. They also let me turn on the APU, and the Flight Attendant gave me a brand new B737-700/800/MAX8 safety card, birthday card, stickers, and some Southwest gear. The Captain even wished me a Happy Birthday over the PA mid-flight!



After this flight, we took off on Flight 647, which was MDW to DTW to BWI. The Crew took a photo of me in front of the plane and told other Passengers about my birthday adventure. At DTW, I went into the cockpit again and met the Pilots. When we were taxiing out from DTW, there were two 747s on the ramp. The Pilot was quick to point them out to me over the PA—it was an awesome feeling, and I got a video of the aircraft.


The day wrapped up with a flight to ATL to MDW and finally, back home to CVG. At CVG, I talked to the Pilots and found out that one was a Cincinnati native (like me!) and took flight lessons at LUK, which is also in Cincinnati. Over the day, we traveled over 2,000 miles. I had the best birthday I could have imagined.


Again, I want to thank the Passengers, Pilots, Crew, Ground Crew, Customer Service Agents, and everyone who helped make my birthday so great. I also want to give a huge thanks to Southwest Airlines for making my day so memorable.