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Flying Today on Southwest’s 41st Birthday? You Might Get an Inflight Concert!

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Today Southwest is turning 41 years young, and we’re celebrating our over the hill birthday plus one by surprising and delighting a few lucky Customers across the Southwest system with a music serenade.  A little more than a month ago, we put a call out to musicians from across the nation to submit a :30 second video incorporating Southwest and our 41st birthday for the chance to play their music live at 35,000 feet. 

Last month, fans casted their votes, and now hundreds of Southwest Customers will have the chance to rock out in select cities on our 41st birthday with music from our three finalists—the Eric Grant Band from Laconia, NH, the Bad Cactus Brass Band from Phoenix, AZ, and The Gajillionaires from Los Angeles, CA.

For Customers traveling through Manchester, Baltimore/Washington, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Oakland, and Seattle, be sure to check out the concert times and flight numbers below to see if these shining stars will be traveling with you on your flight, or you might just see them in the gate area!  

We hope you can join in on the fun and celebrating 41 years of that good ol’ Southwest hospitality with fun, reliable, and efficient service.  Happy Birthday to the LUV Airline!

Band: Eric Grant Band
Music Video: Eric Grant Band Music Video
Eric Grant Band
Band: Bad Cactus Band
Music Video: Bad Cactus Brass Band Music Video
Bad Cactus Band
Band: The Gajillionaires
Music Video: The Gajillionaires Music Video
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Congratulations everyone! Can't wait to hear bad cactus in flight! 🙂
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WOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOO!!!!!! I'm so proud to have had the pleasure of directing the video for the BAD CACTUS BRASS BAND. Those guys are amazing ad SO deserve to have this win! Can't wait to see them rock the plane!!! Thank you Southwest!!
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Congrats also the Eric Grant Band and the Gagillionaires! Excellent job everyone! And some VERY catchy tunes.
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Congrats to the finalists !!!! now lets get them all together for a South West show !!!!!
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Congratulations to all of the finalists, and especially the BAD CACTUS BRASS BAND!
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Congratulations to all the musicians and friends who did such a great job with this contest. Bad Cactus--I love you guys!
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THE GAJILLIONAIRES are amazing! Congratulations! Looking forward to hearing you on a flight!
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Congratulations to everyone!
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Good job, EGB and GaJ's!
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Congrats to Bad Cactus Brass Band and The Gajillionaires!!