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Food Flight!—Chicago Midway

Frequent Flyer A

It’s time for another edition of Food Flight, and this one leads us to the one and only Windy City. Chicago is famous for its foodie-friendly delights, and its Midway Airport is no different.  These three offerings are sure to tempt your palate before you head out into that arctic blast they call “winter.”

There’s an old saying: “When in Chicago, one must have a hot dog.” Okay, I made that up, but it might as well be true. A classic Chicago hot dog must offer the following: a poppyseed bun, pickle, tomato wedges, celery salt, onions, neon green relish, and of course…an all-beef hot dog. No pork, thank you very much.

I was first drawn to Superdawg’s retro look. Then I tried their hot dog. I got the classic Superdawg with some Superfries. It came in a fun little box, which was easy to transport. You definitely want to eat the Superdawg in a quiet corner, as it can get a little messy. It definitely hit the spot, but I wouldn’t bother with the Superfries next time. A waste of time and calories, if you ask me. Some hot dog purists might turn up their nose at Superdawg, but when your choices are limited…trust me, this’ll do.

(Some day, I will visit their drive-in location.)

Potbelly has a cult following that I can’t quite understand. It’s hard for me to enjoy my cheesy, fatty sandwich when I know an actual potbelly will be the result. Nevertheless, if you want a wide variety of sandwiches, chips, and tea—you’ve come to the right place.
I recommend getting The Skinny—it’s less meat and cheese on “thin cut” bread. At least it cuts down on the guilt. I hear glowing reviews about the Meatball and Pizza sandwich, but I play it safe with a Turkey on wheat. Check out the soups while you’re at it.

Nuts on Clark
If you ever want to start a fight, ask a group of Chi-town natives which popcorn is better: Nuts on Clark or Garrett? Both are Chicago originals that somehow manage to combine caramel and cheesy popcorn into a delicious mash-up of flavors. The flavors shouldn’t work together, but they do. To be honest, they taste the same to me, but only Nuts on Clark can be found at Midway. It’s the perfect snack after your hot dog or sandwich, just beware—it’s not unheard of to eat an entire bag in one sitting.

So how ‘bout it, fellow foodies and frequent fliers? Let me hear your favorite places to nosh at when you’re flying through MDW…

Explorer C
Potbelly's cult following may be attributed to the fact that they sell some fantastic oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Also, it's the only quick-service establishment I've seen selling Cricket Cola.
Aviator C
I always order the "Wreck" at Potbelly's, and their milkshakes are really good too. Hey Lindsey, before you go putting down the fat in their sandwiches, do you know what goes into a weiner?
Explorer C
The Italian Sausage sandwich at Harry Carey's is great and I always bring home a 3 pack combo from Nuts on Clarkafter a layover in MDW.
Frequent Flyer A
If I knew what went into a hot dog, I wouldn't enjoy it as much! At least Chicago hot dogs are "all beef"...
Explorer C
I always find myself going through the Taylor Street Market on the way to my gate at MDW, usually just to grab an Italian ice, and possibly a ginger ale or something. Just hits the spot. I've been meaning to try Let Them Eat Cake -- my fiancée says that their cherry turnover is the best she's ever had, so I'll have to grab one next time I am there.
Explorer A
Brian, That comment is RIPE for jokes. I mean, that's like right there, waiting to be commented on. Lindsey, You don't go to Potbelly's and order "guilt free" sandwiches. Order the Wreck, with extra mustard and whatever else they have. Just make it drip down your arms. I did this a few months back when I flew through MDW. I got the Wreck and a carmel/cheese popcorn mix at Nuts on Clark and proceeded to eat them both on the plane. I got a lot of dirty stares from the FAs until I offered them some of the popcorn. Just bring lots of napkins. Like a huge stack or two. Great, now I'm starving.
Explorer C
I can't get past Reilly's Daughter. No food, but great environment!
Explorer C
Hey Lindsey, We Chicagoans need our fatty "potbellys" to keep us warm through out the winter season 🙂
Frequent Flyer A
Anonymous, You're absolutely right. After spending a weekend there in January, I felt the need to pack on a good ten pounds of blubber to keep me warm. You gotta do what it takes! (And it usually takes lot of hot dogs and deep dish.)
Frequent Flyer C
Update- Superdawg is closed. Maybe undergoing renovations? no snow here! Ding ! boy Joe.
Explorer A
SuperDawg has officially closed it's doors. Lindsey - you need to try the Chicken Salad Salad at Potbelly's with the homemade croutons! They are fantastic! Also - don't forget the 5-egg omelets at Illinois Bar & Grill - GREAT food and lots to share! Get the potatoes with onions and you have the perfect morning meal! Manny's has some superior corned beef and pastrami sandwiches - they pile the meat on HIGH! Also - don't forget the Ben&Jerry's Scoop Shoppe for the BEST shakes and cones! Lalo's has breakfast burrito's and some excellent guac and chips! And Pegasus has the famous "Lemon Rice" Soup! Excellent to keep you warm on a cold Chicago Night! Also - try the pastries - each one is flaky and tasty in it's own way! But - BEST OF ALL - GOLD COAST HOT DOGS! The CLASSIC "Chicago-Style Hot Dog!" - Get it CHARRED! SOOOOO good! You can also get practically ANYTHING deep-fried from them too - cheese fries, pizza puffs, onion rings, fried chicken, etc! YUM! GOOD ARTICLE!
Explorer C
Went to get some ice cream at the Taylor Street Market. The server did a good job of filling the cone to the highest with ice cream. Problem was he didn't think it was a health issue to use some type of plastic glove or cover the bottom of the cone with paper. Bare hands on the cone- GROSS!