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Food Flight!


Did you know that our onboard snacks are really just ingredients for more ambitious cuisine? 

Neither did I!  Laughing Squid blogger Rusty Blazenhoff found this out when she was on a flight recently with Flight Attendants Mandy and LaDonna, who challenged Customers to come up with the best airplane food recipes.

Here's an excerpt from Rusty's blog, which can be found here:

On my Southwest Airlines flight to SXSW 2012 conference, I snagged the front row bulkhead seat. Little did I know, I would soon be in the middle of a very fun experiment put on by our flight attendants, Mandy and LaDonna. My seatmate Susan and I watched as they filled up ten vomit bags with various food items found in the plane’s galley. Mandy then announced that she wanted volunteers as she had been wanting to try out airplane food recipes with passengers for a long time. Volunteers were chosen (including my seatmate) and she began to tell us how to prepare the recipes.

Mandy called the first recipe “Key Lime Cookie Dough Sort Of” and it consisted of crushed airplane-shaped cookies, Coffee Mate creamer and a wedge of lime. The next was simply peanut butter and several passengers attempted to crush peanuts to a smooth consistency. It got even better when the pilot came out and offered up an unexpected suggestion: Chocolate Mousse. It was a simple recipe made of powdered hot chocolate mix and Coffee Mate creamer. We ended up dipping our mini pretzels into the (somewhat delicious) finished “mousse”. Winners were announced and much fun was had by all involved. In fact, it may have been the most fun I’ve ever had on a commercial flight.

Rusty's original blog post can be found on Laughing Squid.  Check it out to see a detailed description of each photo!

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On our flight back from Las Vegas, the flight attendants surprised young newlyweds with a wedding "cake" and wedding "presents" they made out of things they had on board. So imaginative and very thoughtful. This is one more reason I love to fly Southwest.
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Brooks, it's so sweet of you to share this. LaDonna, the rest of the Crew, and I had such a great time with our creative, clever, amusing Customers on this flight. We've since figured out how to make SWA Peanut Butter Cups and SWA Pizza using only the items in our galley. While a lot of elbow grease is required to make peanut butter out of our peanuts, the real work is managing expectations through naming. For example, our "SWA Key Lime Pies" receive a 4 on a 10 scale for taste; however, our "SWA ... Well ... It Kinda Tastes Like ... Hmmmm ... Sort of Like ... Key Lime Pie Cookie Dough ... Sort Of ... Kinda" receives an 8 on a 10 scale. :) Thanks again for sharing this. Thanks to our awesome Customer Rusty for participating in the shenanigans and writing the original article, and thanks to each and every Customer on that flight between OAK & AUS, and thanks to everyone who flies Southwest. LUV to you all.
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This is funny!!! I'm a big fan of Laughing Squid and Southwest.. (Love that trip to Vegas 🙂 It was good to see 'em mash-up...What a great way to make the flight fun for everybody! Kudos!
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I really wish Southwest would stop serving peanuts. Nothing like going into anaphylactic shock on an airplane to make a trip special....