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For the LUV of Beer!

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At Schlafly, it’s all about the love of beer.  We love making great beer and people love us for it. We’re truly dedicated to producing the Schlafly product with care, so much that each beer displays “Bottled With Love” on the label, along with the date it was filled. 
I believe that’s what Schlafly and Southwest Airlines have in common.  We each love what we do, and place an importance on great Customer Service—it’s what we’ve founded our Companies on. 
Years ago, when I was sorting out how to bring back tens of thousands of fresh oysters from both coasts to St. Louis, I decided to reach out to Southwest Airlines Cargo and check out their same-day service option.  From that point on, our trust, confidence, and mutually agreeable business relationship was forged and has continued to grow ever since. We ship with SWA Cargo, not only because of our ongoing relationship, but because our relationship is continually strengthened by the fact that it is easy to do business with the friendly and reliable People at SWA.  The delicate and perishable items we ship, where time is of the essence, arrive undamaged and on time.  We wouldn’t ask for more than that in anyone we do business with, and Southwest gets that. 
Southwest Employees clearly love what they do.  Moving Cargo, like the oysters we need for the Stout and Oyster Festival and the hops that we need to brew fresh hop beers for the Fresh Hop Festival, is what makes them the best in the industry.  When Employees of two companies share that basic enjoyment of what they do, it just works. 
Check out how SWA Cargo makes it possible for Schlafly to use the freshest hops in their craft beer, and visit for information on their Fresh Hop Festival on Oct. 27 to try the beer out for yourself!