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From Braniff to Southwest

Frequent Flyer C

Southwest Employee Mary Creason shares her memories about the life and times in the aviation industry.  Read more about Mary in the blog post "Third Time's a Charm."
Explorer C
This was an awesome video to watch. My parents used to fly Braniff all the time and I have heard many stories similar to what Mary had to say. I think it is an inspiration that she is still in the business after all these years.
Adventurer C
Reagan, Thanks for your positive comments! The video is awesome, but what was even more awesome was to be able to "interview" Mary for this story. I use the term "interview" very loosely, because it only took a few simple questions to get her started sharing some wonderful stories. I wish we could have used them all; you're seeing about five minutes of an hour's worth of chatting! But, the TRUE inspiration in this story isn't so much the story -- it is Mary, who really adds immeasurably to the Culture of Southwest Airlines! Kim CRBB 🙂
Explorer C
Mary I probably know you but with the 'single' requirement in our day with Braniff, it's hard to place our old friends. I flew for Braniff from 1957-1963 and I was in MKC in '58. I also was a Southwest CSA from '96-07 when I retired here in SAN. I am now in process to serve in the Peace Corps. My departure will probably be early 2010 when I am closing in on 73 years old but still going strong. Love BI Love SWA--hope to hear from you and anyone out there who remembers me with either airline. Such good memories and more to come. Judy
Explorer C
I was wondering if anyone knows the wherabouts of a Captain on Braniff? His name is Brian Wilson from Adelaide, Australia. I knew him in Miami - where he was then stationed. I was Social Hostess on Holland America Cruise Line in 1990 when I met, by happentance, a fellow friend and Captain who knew him. Would appreciate any help in locating Brian. He was a good friend. Shari
Explorer C
Excellent video. Yes. Braniff was elegant. Thanks for sharing your memories.
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Mary, I enjoyed this video and your memories. I, too, have made the journey from Braniff to Southwest. I started with Braniff in 1966 and flew through to the end of Braniff 2 in 1989. I began my career with SWA in 1990 and am still flying out of Phoenix. I tell my coworkers that we had to sign that contract that we would quite when we got married, got pregnant or turned 32 whichever came first. I'm very pleased to add that the first two stipulations were overturned in the courts by our Braniff gals. I think we did really well in this business going from one great airline to today's best!