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From Classroom to Campus Reach: Proof that Dreams Can Become Reality!

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As a small-town girl from Nebraska, I never thought interning at my dream company would be this rewarding. Southwest Airlines was a place I often referred to when researching successful trends in organizational development, Leadership, and Employee engagement for my Communication Studies courses. To be selected as a Southwest Intern and able to see the Culture on a daily basis has been a true blessing. Nearly every experience has been fascinating and proof that it’s possible to love what you do every single day.


From the University of Nebraska Omaha to SWAFrom the University of Nebraska Omaha to SWA


As a member of the Communication and Standards Team in Customer Support and Services (CS&S), I get to update our CS&S Centers with information needed to take care of our Customers. Communicating late-breaking news, policy updates, and upcoming marketing promotions as well as documenting significant information that can impact travel for our Customers all fall within my daily responsibilities. I also get to update the CS&S newsletter, ticket counter/baggage service information for each airport, and resources for our Reps who specialize in international/bilingual reservations.


Within my first week of interning, I got the chance to visit the Oklahoma City reservation center. To hear many of our Reps share stories, laughs, and advice they’ve acquired over the years made me feel like I was part of the Southwest Family. The daily communications from many of my Leaders and the cross-functional communication within CS&S have inspired me to always show my Warrior Spirit and Fun-LUVing Attitude, no matter where I am. I love celebrating significant milestones within the call centers and showcasing the gratitude our Customers feel towards the Reps for alleviating the stress that sometimes comes with traveling.


Being encouraged by my Team to make the most of my short time here has opened many doors. While volunteering for the CR/RR Fall Ball, I had the pleasure of dancing the night away and networking with many CR Leaders, including the VP of Customer Relations. I’ve also been able to sit in on meetings that deal with everything from upcoming policy changes to meteorology. I love walking through the building and having people from different departments greet me by my first name and with a warm smile. It’s never a dull day at work!

My team goes above and beyond to make me feel included in major decisions and to show how much they value my work as an Intern, which has encouraged me to do the same. Every day I come to work excited to improve day-to-day operations for our Representatives, and grateful for the chance to make my dream a reality.


At "Meet the MAX"At "Meet the MAX"

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