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From Dallas to New York City, We Found Love

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Love can be a funny thing. You can find it in the most unlikely of places, even when you don't think it's possible. Our story isn't a long one, but it's the best love story I’ve heard. We met on Facebook in a support group in January 2017. We had an immediate connection and began talking almost every day. It was apparent that after frequent talks, sometimes until late in the evening, there was an undeniable bond and attraction between the two of us—one that we would regret not taking a chance on.



As the weeks passed, we began to discuss meeting and had looked into traveling to see each other. The only issue was that most airlines were unaffordable for our budgets. We concluded that there may not be a realistic possibility of seeing each other frequently, if at all. Then we stumbled upon Southwest at the recommendation of a mutual friend. It didn't take long before we picked a date to meet. We checked into airfare for the weekend of May 19 and immediately booked our flights.


As that weekend approached, my nerves started to creep in, but in the best way. I would soon meet the woman I’ve talked about everything with! We found ourselves wanting to find a way to fast forward time so we could finally be together.


My flight was in the early morning. I was so excited and anxious the entire night before that I didn’t get much sleep and left in the early hours of the morning to ensure I was at the airport in time. Upon arrival, the Southwest check-in line was abnormally long. However, the staff remained courteous and professional and worked diligently to quickly check guests in. From check-in to boarding to in-flight, Southwest’s Employees were helpful in answering my questions as a first-time Southwest flier and made me feel good about my decision to fly Southwest.


Throughout the entire flight, I was anxious, nervous, and excited. We finally touched down at 8:45 a.m. in Dallas, and I walked as fast as I could through the terminal to get to the exit. When I met her, I was greeted with the biggest, tightest hug.


Finally, it was real.


It's been almost sixth months since that weekend. Since, I've been back to Dallas in July for a WWE event. In August, she visited NYC for the first time in her life. We took a ride to the top of the World Trade Center, and we made her first trip a memorable one. 


I will be visiting Dallas again in just under three weeks for my birthday. In December, she'll be in New York for Christmas, and we couldn't be any happier. We owe a gigantic thanks to Southwest for making this love story possible—without Southwest, it may not have happened. Please consider this a million thanks from two very satisfied passengers.