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From Facebook to Face-to-Face

Explorer C

As a Representative on the Social Care Team here at Southwest Airlines, my amazing Team and I have the opportunity to connect with our Customers through our social media channels via Twitter and Facebook. As you can imagine, we come across many unique stories and experiences on a day to day basis, and will do everything we can to make our Customers’ travel experience as friendly and efficient as possible. On March 7, 2016, I saw a post on Facebook from Ashley Sines asking if we could arrange for her son Zach to take a picture with the Pilots when he boards his flight to Orlando for his Make-A-Wish trip to Disney. While communicating with her, I learned that Zach is battling the effects of Moebius syndrome, along with Van Maldergem syndrome type 2, overall affecting his Epilepsy. It’s safe to say that Zach and his family embody the Warrior Spirit that we all strive for here at Southwest.Zach On Zach’s outbound trip, Ronnie Todd, who is Southwest's  Station Leader in Raleigh, made sure Zach’s request was not only met, but well exceeded. Ashley kept us in the loop via Facebook during his whole journey. I was awarded the special opportunity to travel to Orlando to meet Zach and his family before his return flight back to North Carolina. “Coming home was even more amazing,” Ashley said.  “We got to meet Kayla, who arranged for Zach to meet the Pilots both ways, and Mr. John who greeted us off the plane the day we flew down, and made going home awesome.” zach 4During the time that I got to know Ashley and Zach, I knew that I could expect to meet a truly kind and caring family. We at Southwest Airlines strive to Live the Southwest Way by showing our Warrior Spirit, Servant’s Heart, and having a Fun-LUVing Attitude. Ashley, Zach and Linda were the true epitome of these characteristics, and I’m still inspired by their kindness to this day. I can’t tell you how full my heart was when I saw Zach holding the plush airplane I had sent him back in March. I was quickly reminded of the extraordinary power each of us have to make an impact and everlasting friendship with all of our Passengers, and I will continue to hold my friendship with Zach and his family close to my heart.Zach 3 Once we got through security, Zach was welcomed as part of the family and greeted with all of his favorites. Southwest's Station Service Coordinator Lauren Berry made vanilla cupcakes (Zach’s favorite) with chocolate airplanes that were a huge hit with this little Warrior. Customer Service Manager Boom Elg and Customer Service Agent John Roberts greeted Zach with a gift bag full of his favorite things that kept him busy in the gate area, and their hands full on their trip home. “They had lots of gifts for him, one being his favorite candy which had writing on it and his pictures also on them, and a Southwest back pack stuffed with lots of goldfish. Kayla brought him a poster with all of her teams signatures on it and some goodies from her hometown. He also got a book, coloring book, stickers, and a Southwest airplane pin." After we got Zach and his family settled in on the aircraft, I was quickly handed a bright green vest and some colorful letters. I was then escorted on the tarmac to send the family off with a warm message and waving hands.
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