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Southwest Airlines Community

From the experience of a lifetime, to the job of a lifetime

Explorer C

To mark Southwest Airlines being chosen for Vault's list of the Top 10 Internships with the Best Perks for 2010, we asked one of our Coworkers and former Interns for his thoughts on being a Southwest Intern. 

Many people say that a particular event or situation in their lives has changed who they are and what they have become. The single event that allowed me to do a 180-degree turn was the “No Limit” Internship program at Southwest Airlines. Dreaming big was never a problem for me, but the chance to intern at Southwest was beyond my wildest dreams. Coming from a small town in Ohio and moving to Dallas immediately thrust me out of my comfort zone, but, since day one of my Internship, I felt like I had a second home…and it just got better.

photo by Sonia Avila, the fifth member and Manager of the Team

My Intern family and my Design Team family helped me not only to have an interactive and hands-on experience, but they also gave me opportunities to use what I had learned in school while learning from seasoned professionals. After my Internship, I went back to Ohio to finish my education at Youngstown State University where I found myself working harder, pushing to learn new techniques, and anxiously waiting to graduate. I set my sights on working for a Company like Southwest, who leads their industry in innovative ideas. As a result of my Internship at Southwest, Sonia Avila, John Jones, Trent Duran, and Quyen Dong not only became my friends and Coworkers, but also became family to me. A year and a half later, I am thrilled to be able to return to Southwest as a full-time Employee and rejoin the design family.  I am so thankful to have this opportunity and to know that there really are “No Limits” at Southwest Airlines!

For latest news on this summer's Intern program, please visit the No LimitsInternship Facebook page.