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Fun With Translations

Aviator C
 Okay, I will admit that this wasn't my original idea.  While in carpool on the way to work, Gordon Keith on The Ticket, a Dallas sports radio station, was talking about how he ran some pages of the station's web site through an online translation device.  He first translated a page into a foreign language, then took that translation and translated it back to English.  The results were hilarious (and a good lesson of why you should never trust an online translation device), so I thought I would try it with some of the blogger biographies we have on this site.  (Click on the blogger's name to see the original bio.) I started with Bill Owen,  who has a very funny bio.  I translated it into Spanish, and here is how it translated the Spanish version into English. The account Owen is planning of the lead in the schedule which it plans the department, that the aids formulate the strategic plans of the southwest, determines cities new and new markets, and writes and publishes the schedule of the air line. It is heavyweight true in his department. We say that because nobody there weight more than he does it. Nevertheless, because it makes he is fat and outside form, he is considering assembling of gym - as soon as he finds one that has its preferred machine, a Kegerator. The account has been in Southwest Airlines from 1990, and the schedule that the department planned from 1994. With almost 28 years of experience of the air line, it came to the southwest of a big air line of the inheritance, where it cleared the wings of butterflies routinely and stuck per to us in wrists of voodoo of competitors. They are growing for above in Irving, Roofing tiles, something of the earliest memories of the account of being taken by its parents to watch airplane them to remove and to land the excessive lake Bachman. He still lives in Irving, never calculating towards outside how finding any freeway without local toll with exception of highway 183, with two dogs very spoiled. Next came Gordon Guillory,  who has a bio that is worded a bit different.  Gordon's bio was translated into French and then back into English. I constant on an island and was raised in China... I am married with two children. To have pleasure to obtain the exercise in weight raising and playing basketball. The pastimes include the planes ordered by radio of flight, and operation on my pelouse/l' installation. While increasing upwards in China I became fascinated with planes because I would see them flight above my house while they were on their way to pulverize manure on the layers close to rice. Just to make you know to me am indigenous Texan... The island that I was born above was island of Galveston... and I was high in China, TX (close to Beaumont, TX.) I rented above at Southwest Airlines in May of 1997 and AM currently a mechanic of structures in the heavy service of maintenance. I finished with my bio, because it has a lot of industry terms.  Mine went into German, and this is the English translation. All ours bloggers I am probably the oldest, but I do not believe my age. I was 1952, a straight pair of the blocks of the transkontinentalen main line sank F.E. Gleiss in Clovis, new Mexico to airline a father born, thus to transport (surfaces and courses) receive in my blood at an early age. As a child my vernarrtsten memories are expenditure days at the work with my dad on the ramp in Amarillo, Texas and on the old observation platform on the Dallas love catch. After I had graduated from the southern methodistischen university in Dallas as a journalism major, received I mean first airline job with triangle 1976. During my time at the triangle, I worked in Dallas/in Fort Worth (during three different opportunities), in Detroit, in Oakland, in Atlanta (on the old connection), in haven country, in Oregon, in Paris Orly and in Dayton, Ohio. My 18 ½ years with triangle were split up between ramp/enterprises and map cost counter/gates. I connected southwest (grateful!) 1995 as reservations of sales means, but most the time I was in communications group in the leading position. I correspond with our customers on a broad multiplicity of topics, but I receive also to be worked on different projects as this blog. My tasks include also PrüfenPressekommuniquã#s, department circulars and examining our employing magazine, luffing LINEs. Additionally I am an independent author for airlines magazine. (Yeah, is really transport in my blood.) Huh???