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Folks really got crabby recently in Detroit. No, it had NOTHING to do with the Lions losing to the Rams (and the Packers, and the Bears, and the Seahawks).  I'm talking the eating kind of crabs here....mixed with some breadcrumbs, egg, spices (I'm partial to Old Bay myself), and sautéed gently in melted butter.  As the now-ubiquitous Rachel Ray would say....YUMM-O! On September 14th, Southwest plugged a long-gaping hole in our route network when we began nonstop service between Detroit and our largest East Coast station, Baltimore, with four nonstops each way every business day.  To celebrate the new service, Southwest sponsored a crab-cake competition in front of the Southwest Ticket Counter at Detroit's Metro Airport.  Now when I was growing up, my mom would make crab cakes using canned crab, way too much cracker meal, and just enough egg to make sure they were not entirely brick-like.  Then, in order not to choke on them, after she deep-fried them we'd douse the rubbery little pucks in so much ketchup that we couldn't see them anymore, much less taste them.  Believe me, the crab cakes served in the Great Detroit Crab Cake-A-Thon were NOTHING like mom's!   They were light...succulent....luciously sauced...beautifully garnished....and absolutely delicious!  Many, many thanks to the participating restaurants-RP Murphy's, Charley's Crab, and to the winner, the Majestic Café. SmilingChefsBrownChefYum2Yum1CustomersAndEmployeesAllChefs As you can see from the pictures, the chefs really had a great time (although we've got to teach the chef wearing the brown shirt to smile for the camera!), as did our Customers and Employees.  And our new service is already off to a flying start.  Of course, with fares as low as $49 one-way and great service from the best Employees around, that's not surprising! Baltimore/Washington is the fifth nonstop destination Southwest serves from Detroit, and between our nonstops and our direct and connecting service linking Detroit to nearly 50 other destinations from coast to coast, we can take Michiganers on a "crab walk" all across America.  Book a flight on Southwest and go enjoy Dungeness Crab in the San Francisco Bay area, Snow Crab legs in the Pacific Northwest, Stone Crab claws in South Florida, and Gulf Coast crabs all the way from South Padre Island to Fort Myers.  So enjoy yourself, Detroit!  Get crabby!  And, don't worry.....the Lions will win again......eventually!