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Gary Kelly, Southwest Airline's CEO, Needs a Halloween Character

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Halloween is always a big deal at Southwest Airlines.  Our Employees look forward to it for months.  For those of you who are as serious about Halloween as we are, you know that coming up with a costume that is not only good, but that is so perfect it knocks people’s socks off, takes weeks of preparation.

With only seven weeks until Halloween and no costume in mind, our CEO, President, Chairman, and once-a-year Halloween Superstar Gary Kelly needs your help in choosing his “knock your socks off” Halloween costume.

This is your chance to help select “who” or even “what” Gary will be for Halloween.  Our good friends at Spirit Halloween Stores will then transform the selected idea into one masterpiece of a costume.

In the past few years, Gary has filled the shoes of Gene Simmons from KISS, Old West Legend, Wild Bill Hickok, Captain Jack Sparrow, Edna Turnblad, and Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top.  Last year, he even filled the ruby slippers of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, if you can believe it!

Following these amazing costumes, Gary needs all the help he can get to think of something bigger and better!  Give us your most creative idea; think outside the box.  Help Gary outdo his previous costumes!

Leave Gary your suggestion, and on Halloween, be sure to check out Nuts About Southwest for the unveiling of Gary’s Halloween 2010 persona.  You never know, he may be the walking, talking version of your idea!

I always thought Gary would make a great Indiana Jones!
Explorer C
I'm sure Lady Gaga in a meat dress will be VERY popular this year!
Explorer C
I have had the pleasure of assisting in the planning of several Southwest Airlines parties, last year one department dressed up as the where's waldo characters and literally you had to find waldo, with Zane Lewis as the entertainment, a country western theme including Molly as MIss Kitty......I had to call my sister at a local telecommunications company and tell her she needs to be working at SOUTHWEST AIRLINES!!!
Explorer A
Gaga meat suit?
Explorer C
I really like the idea of Mad Hatter, or one of the blue Avatars
Explorer C
How about "Lady GaGa. One of her outragious customes.
Explorer C
Oprah.. in honor of her 25th year
Explorer C
Our Employees would be "glee-ful" if Gary showed up as Sue Sylvester!
Explorer C
I think Gary would look good as the "Situation" from Jersey Shores. He might be able to pull off "Snookie".
Explorer C
Blue man group!
Explorer C
Gary would make a great Harry Potter
Explorer C
Ronald Regan as an old western actor.
Explorer C
How about a disgruntled flight attendant with two beers and an evacuation slide?
Explorer C
This is the easiest question ever!!! Gary runs the most patriotic airline. This is a time when we need the most pride in our great nation. Gary is Captain America! 'nuff said!
Explorer C
Too easy, a full body costume of a Free One Way Southwest Airlines Ticket.
Explorer C
Gary Would Make A Great CHER!!!
Explorer C
How about being a BIG ole PEANUT"