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[asset|aid=240|format=image|formatter=asset|title=RBRiPodLogoSmall.gif|width=180|height=179|resizable=true|align=right]On this episode of Red Belly Radio, I interview a young man named Dan Webb. He attends university in Rhode Island, and to say that Dan likes all things airline is a gross miss understatement. Dan is 18 years old, maintains a blog called  and trust me, will work for an airline one day—or maybe I should say will run an airline one day!

It seems that Dan is not alone in the world of airline fans (he accepts and even embraces the term: Airline “Geek”) and has dreamed of working for an airline for years. In fact, he has been running his own airline, Dan Airways for a decade now. OK, it’s not a real airline—YET!  Dan knows this industry and will one day make great contributions to some lucky carrier. Give this episode a listen.
Explorer C
There are certainly many self-proclaimed airline geeks around the world, myself being one. I love hearing stories about them, thanks for sharing!
Explorer A
Thanks for posting this! I always love seeing fellow aviation geeks on this site! and it is cool to know that there are other people who are around the same age as I am, who also have a passion for the industry! 🙂 "Either think and act big and grow smaller, or think and act small and grow bigger."-Herb Kelleher
Explorer C
I love hearing about stories like this. It brings me back to my childhood when I wanted to learn everything there is to know about aviation. My grandfather was a private pilot, which influenced my love for aviation. He bought me books, took me on flights, and since he lived in Tampa and I lived in Buffalo, we always flew down so it was always a treat to board a jetliner. Now that I'm in my twenty's and work for Southwest, I still feel that adrenaline rush every time I get on one of our 737's. I always wanted to be a pilot, but working on the ramp in BUF I still feel like I am an important part of the flight process. As much as passengers depend on the pilot doing a great job in the skies, the pilots depend on the ramp to get the aircraft in tip top shape for flight. One piece of advice I can give to anyone who wants to work in this industry...don't give up the dream. Some people were born to fly...LIVE IT!