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Gifts on a budget

Adventurer B

Looking at the calendar, I realize I'd better stop merely thinking about gifts and start shopping!  Don't we all want to give the "perfect gift"?  We often equate this with spending a large sum of money.  "Budget" is not just a rental car agency!  I'll let you know what I'm thinking in hopes you will throw in some suggestions.
Computerized calendars (family pictures for each month) have been around a long time.  I noticed a friend's calendar had a picture of that person on their birthday date.   An added touch.  I love my picture mouse pad with my grandson smiling up at me!  We have so many pictures I prefer a different form than framed.  For someone short on time, and who isn't, what about prepared dinners like you find in the gourmet super markets and Costco--also good for elders.  Put them in a basket and add a bow, and you're ready to go!  Elders also appreciate a roll of stamps in a holder.
If you are giving a restaurant gift card to parents or grandparents, have you thought of the greatest gift of all?  Add your company.  Pick them up and eat with them.  One of the most creative gifts I've ever received is five flats of pansies.  I was late planting (real late), and my brother-in-law bought and planted them.  What a surprise!  The best gift my children could give me is to come over on a Saturday and help with the yard, garage, or repair something.  No monetary cost.  The gift of time is priceless!  Not enough money to buy jewelry?  Buy a jewelry roll for storage or travel.  Check Half-Price Books.  Clothes pricey?  What about a custom made T-shirt?  



Calling for all good ideas!