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Giving Wings to Students in Need

Southwest Airlines, in partnership with the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU), is excited to announce its 8th year of the “Dándole Alas a Tu Éxito/Giving Flight to Your Success program,” an annual education travel award program for undergraduate and graduate students. This program is designed to help students stay connected to their families while they complete their college education.
For many students, the freedom to fly home during the holidays might be the deciding factor between staying at school and dropping out. Together, Southwest Airlines and HACU have addressed an important need for students, the support of their families and a constant connection to their home.  We are proud that through our valuable partnership with HACU, we have contributed to the success of hundreds of students
. To participate, students need to submit an essay explaining why they deserve the travel award and what inspires them to pursue a college degree.  Online applications will be accepted through April 30, 2012, at
The essays will be evaluated by a panel of judges comprised of college professors and education advocates. The winners will receive up to four roundtrip tickets to fly Southwest Airlines to and from their college destination in order to stay connected with their families.  The tickets will be awarded to Hispanic undergraduate and graduate students, with socio-economic needs, who journey away from home to pursue higher education.
"Over the last eight years, the Lánzate travel program has enabled hundreds of college students to remain close to their families while pursuing degrees at institutions that are sometimes located on the opposite end of the country," said HACU President and CEO Dr. Antonio R. Flores. "HACU is proud to partner with Southwest Airlines on this important program."
If you know of a student who might qualify for this great opportunity, please be sure and ask them to visit to apply.