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Southwest Airlines Community

Giving from the Heart Makes a Positive Difference in our Communities

Explorer C

Whether fighting fires, serving meals to the homeless, or rebuilding homes, our Employees are lending hands to make a positive difference. They battle in court on behalf of abuse victims unable to defend themselves; provide relief for the homeless; food for the hungry; comfort for the abandoned; and love to the abused.  But, most of all, they give hope.

Once a year, Southwest takes the time to honor and thank those Employees who have gone above and beyond in making a positive difference in their communities during our annual Volunteers of LUV event. This year, we received more than 400 nominations from both our Employees and nonprofits for the award.  Twenty-one of our Employees stood out amongst the rest.   Out of the 139,000 hours Southwest Airlines Employees volunteered last year, this group of 21 Employees volunteered a combined 5,000 hours. That’s enough time to fly between New York and Los Angeles 833 times!

These 21 Employees support Southwest Airlines in the air and on the ground.  But, beyond Southwest Employees, they are also heroes in our communities and examples to their fellow co-workers.

Our Servants’ Hearts beat strong at Southwest Airlines. Our Culture of doing the right thing begins with our Employees and extends into our communities.  And, it always comes from the heart.

How are you making a difference in your community?