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Go Green for the Big Game!

Explorer A

Whether you’re rooting for the Broncos or the Seahawks, we can all agree that he “Super Big-Game Sunday” is full of fun, cheers, and parties. Did you know that in 2011, the United States had 250 million pounds of trash and the majority of that was paper products and food waste, according to the EPA?  The best Big Game parties are packed with game day snacks and friends, but, like the players on game day, waste can start to pile up. It will be prime time on TV, so make it the prime time for YOU to give LUV to the environment!  Below are some tips to make it a win for the Planet, too:
  • Go local: Use locally grown veggies for those classic dips.  There’s no need to use store-bought products, and you’ll be ridding the environment of unwanted plastic containers.  For delicious, organic recipes, including making your own chips, check out Inhabit.
  • Cut the clutter:  If you invested in a shiny new TV for the big game, make sure to recycle your old one and that large box too!  Check out the recycling guide on Earth 911 to find out where.
  • Stay hydrated:  Instead of buying bottled water, try using a large, filtered pitcher.  If you are drinking other beverages out of aluminum cans or glass bottles, set up a recycling station to encourage recycling!
  • Cut the waste:  Buy in bulk; get rid of the paper and plastic ware and bring out the “real” stuff; and, finally, carpool if you are heading to a party or, even luckier, going to the game.
Who are you rooting for on February 2 during the Super Big-Game Sunday, and how do you plan to cut down on waste?  Let us know by commenting below.