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Going Green At Work

Adventurer B

Did you know that our Headquarters Building received an Energy Star rating from the Environmental Protection Agency for energy efficiency?  Our Facilities Maintenance Team has done an awesome job helping us Green Headquarters with sensor lights, compact fluorescent bulbs, and many other features, so thank you!! 

But, there is more to being Green than how a building performs—it’s also the behaviors of those of us that work at Headquarters, in the Stations, and at our CS&S Centers, so here are some tips to help us Green our workplace!

  1. First, try to go paperless—today's technology makes it easier to go digital.  But, when you have to use paper, reduce paper usage by printing on both sides of the paper.  Another neat trick is to modify the format of your documents with wider margins and smaller font size to fit more text on a single page. When you have to print, instead of recycling that paper after first use, convert old single-side pages into scratch pads.
  2. Power down.  Turn off your computer monitor when you leave at night, and don't forget about the lights and the lamps!
  3. Recycle!  Put all recyclables (paper, plastic bottles, cardboard, aluminum) in the blue bin to help Southwest save money on our waste pickups and divert these items from the landfill.
  4. Go Reusable.  Use a reusable lunch sack when bringing your lunch, drink your morning coffee in a reusable mug or cup, and drink your water from a reusable water bottle or cup.  

These are just a few things we can do to use our resources wisely and cut costs—do you have more ideas?  Let us know by commenting below!

DING!  You are now free to be Green!

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Explorer C
Going Green would not be using compact flourescent bulbs...they still contain mercury and lordy, lordy if you break one on the floor or carpeting. You might as well rip it up and replace that area. Now , using all LED lighting is going green. LED lighting is the way to go. Check out SeeSmart Led Lighting in Simi Valley , California.