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Going Green: Calculate Your Way to Greener Practices


Have you ever wondered how your environmental impact measures up against others across the world? Now you have a way to find out! National Geographic offers a unique tool, called the Greendex Calculator that you can use to determine your mark on the planet.

This tool takes into account lifestyle factors such as:

  • Food sources—Is your meal home-grown or purchased in a store?
  • Transportation means—Do you use public transportation, hitch a ride in a carpool, or ride solo to work?
  • Energy usage—Do you have energy efficient or solar powered appliances and products?

You can take the Greendex survey at and afterwards, review some of the findings of the survey. Once you determine your Greendex score, you can see how it compares to those scores in 17 countries across the planet.

Reducing your negative effects on the planet starts one green footprint at a time!  How green are you?  Let us know by commenting below or by e-mailing

DING!  You are now free to be green!