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Going Green: Deck the Halls with Green Décor!

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Tis the season!  Whether you’re turning your home into Santa's Village or a Winter Wonderland, keep our Planet in mind while enjoying the holiday. Check out our quick tips for selecting the most eco-friendly decorations.  keep our Planet in mind while enjoying the holiday.
  • Swap old-school for ultra-efficient: The holidays just aren’t complete without twinkling lights! So wrap your trees with the most energy efficient option: LED lights.  They use about 90 percent less energy than incandescent lights and last longer, making them a great choice year after year. Even better, some retailers offer discounts if you trade an old string of lights for these eco-friendly wonders.  What a bright idea!
  • Do-it-yourself: You may have the following items strewn in your junk drawer: old CDs, last year's holiday cards, empty pill bottles, and other odds and ends.  Instead of trashing them, turn them into ornaments!  Check out this great site for inspiration and easy-to-follow guides on turning everyday items into holiday ornaments, tree toppers, and other treasures.
  • Go all-natural: When it comes to wreathes, trees, and other natural holiday decorations, the greenest option is also the simplest: use real trees, branches, and other natural elements instead of their plastic counterparts.  These green stunners will make your home smell like Christmas and can be easily composted.  However, if you're trying to score some Holiday kisses with real mistletoe, watch out—it’s toxic!  So use a pine bough or other decorative elements to spread peace and LUV!
What do you use to decorate for the Holidays?  Let us know by commenting below.  DING!  You are now free to be Green!